Strathberry X Collagerie

12月,Strathberry 非常荣幸的参予并出席了Collagerie 的发布,Collagerie 是由前Vogue英国版时尚总编与lucinda Chambers 共同创建的电商平台。

由Strathberry和Collagerie 共同举办的这一时尚盛典在伦敦Laylow进行,此次活动也吸引了众多最有影响力的时尚主编出席。

参与了此次发布会的嘉宾有 Vassi Chamberlain (Contributing Editor at British Vogue), Shelly Vella (Fashion Director at You Magazine), Emma Elwick-Bates (US Vogue), Sophie Warbuton (Style Director at Telegraph), Verity Parker (Fashion Director at Sunday Times Style), Laura Ingham (Fashion Market Director at Vogue UK), Rosalyn Wikeley (Fashion Features Editor at Condé Nast Traveller) and influencers Vic Ceridono and Hedvig Opshaug.

Emma Elwick Bates, Leeanne Hundleby and Lucinda Chambers.

Rosalyn Wikeley, Fashion Features Editor at Condé Nast Traveller

Sophie Warburton, Style Director at Telegraph

Alice Casely-Hayford, Content Director at Net-A-Porter

Sarah Bedingfield–Shutt, Head of Communications at Strathberry and Shelly Vella, Fashion Director at You Magazine

Antonia Thompson Weisman, Group Head of Strategy at ITB

从Collagerie 中获取灵感,以 Strathberry 最新系列为主题色调,使得活动现场别具一格。

Sophie Goodwin, Stylist and Contributing Editor

Verity Parker, Fashion Director at Sunday Times Style and Laura Normanton, Executive editor at House and Garden

Emma Elwick-Bates, Journalist and Isabelle Spearman, Brand Image Consultant/Columnist

Vic Ceridono, Influencer


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